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Picture Books

Buckle up for an imaginative journey as one little boy makes a special delivery. 

Children ages 2-6 will delight in the bouncy rhyme and vibrant illustrations of this adventurous story.

Summary: When Max suggests putting on a circus, Francine immediately appoints herself the star of the show and designates Max as the assistant. Francine juggles balls, tames tigers and rides a wild stallion. Max begs to participate, but Francine refuses to give up center stage. When Max gets fed up and jumps into the ring, they try to one-up each other with disastrous results. Through argument, compromise and imaginative play, they eventually come together to put on the best circus ever! 


Illustrated by the talented Tony Weinstock, this is a humorous look at sibling rivalry for ages 4-8!


Summary: It's time to make that move to a big kid bed, but one little boy feels a teensy bit intimidated. The bed is so big and empty. Who better to fill the space than his endearing and cuddly stuffed animal friends. But when his bed is full, will there be enough room for him?


Illustrated by the talented Capucine Mazille, this is a fun book about adjusting to a new bed for ages 2-5!

Beginning Readers

After making a bird feeder for a school project, a young Latino boy discovers his creation attracts some unwanted attention. 

Children create a sidewalk picnic through imaginative play.

Stories and Poems in Children's Magazines

 "Laundry Time"

 "Getting Dressed"

 "Pumpkin, Pumpkin"
 "Guess Who's Jumping"
 "Cricket in the Classroom" (rebus)

 "The Bedtime Boat" (An 'Editor's Pick for November/December 2017!) 

Highlights for Children, Highlights High Five & Highlights Hello
 "The Teddy Bear Bounce"

 "Little T-Rex"

 "Funny Hat"

Clubhouse, Jr.

 "The Rain Parade"

Boy's Quest

"A Mouse in the House" (rebus)

Children's Playmate

 "Camping Indoors" (rebus)


My Books

Precious Baby (coming 2019)


Beep! Beep! Special Delivery (coming 2018)

Star of the Show

How Will I Ever Sleep in This Bed?


​Hey! You're Eating My Homework

Picnic on the Sidewalk

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