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Here I am next to my first picture book, HOW WILL I EVER SLEEP IN THIS BED? 
It's been reprinted in board book format. Just right for little toddler hands!

(Oh, and see the sheep and kangaroo? Those were my kids' idea! Cute way to draw attention to the book, eh?)


Ta da! I'm excited to present my latest picture book, STAR OF THE SHOW. Look at the expressions on the characters' faces! Tony Weinstock, the illustrator, did a fabulous job portraying their fun personalities and bringing them to life. 

Francine and Max decide to play circus and as usual, Francine wants center stage. But this time Max wants to be in the show, too. Will Francine ever learn to share the spotlight with her little brother? Through compromise and imaginative play, they eventually put on the best circus ever. Their comical mishaps and mess-ups will be appreciated by every kid who's had to share the limelight with a sibling. 

STAR OF THE SHOW (Shenanigan Books) available September1, 2009.  

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Midwest Book Review:

...a fabulous children's tale of Francine (the Fabulous) and Max (the Magnificent) who decide to present a circus show together. Now in previous playtimes, Max had endured, cooperatively in an assisting role, while Francine had consistently hogged the spotlight as the star of the show. This time Max is determined that it will be different. Though the children have their moments of disagreement and conflict, after a brief separation (initiated by Max who decides he won't play if he never gets to go first, or be other than the assistant), Max and Francine eventually stage a wildly successful circus act cooperatively, with equal billing, and they both do the grand finale! The inevitable punch line comes when Francine suggests to Max that they play school, and she'll be the teacher. Okay, said Max. You can be the teacher...and I'll be the principal. The illustrations for Star of the Show add to the circus show atmosphere with shadowed exaggerations and darkly colorful stretches of imagination. A combination real/comic book world is subtly suggested, with overtones of melodrama completely appropriate to the themes. Star of the Show will appeal to young readers ages 3-8.

WAMC Northeast Public Radio - selected as a Book Pick of the week 7/27/09 Scott Myer, Merritt Bookstore called 'Star of the Show a "Brilliant book"and a"humorous and fun book for 4-8 year olds..."

Shenanigan Books Website  Learn more about Shenanigan Books, founded by Mary Watson.


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*I'm working on a teacher guide for Star of the Show-Please check back in September 2009. In the meantime, here is a wonderful site for helping plan a circus circus unit/theme in your elementary classroom: TEACHING HEART.

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HOW WILL I EVER SLEEP IN THIS BED? (Sterling Publishing, 2005)

Every child goes through it - the transition from a crib to a bed. This little boy feels a teeny bit intimidated by his enormous 'big-kid' bed.  Who better to help keep him company than his stuffed animal friends?  But once the bed is filled, will there be any room left for him?                                  
The illustrator, Capucine Mazille, did a great job.  You'll love the adorable art work!


Horn Book:
"Unable to sleep in his new big bed, a boy gathers his many stuffed
animals for company--but now, there's no room left for him! With a
massive push, the animals land on the floor and the boy finally falls
asleep. The pleasant rhymes and warm illustrations make for a
sympathetic, encouraging, and amusing account of this potentially
difficult bedtime transition."

School Library Journal:
"... rhymed story about a child who feels lost in his new, big-boy bed.
His solution is to have nearly all of his stuffed-animal friends join him.
Predictably, once his companions are ensconced, there isn't enough
room for him. After a good deal of rearranging and most of the toys
jettisoned to the floor, the little guy snuggles down with his favorite
lamb and drifts into dreamland. Expressive, warm-toned, kid-friendly
spreads and a simple text make this title appropriate for sharing.
While a number of books deal with this childhood transition, libraries
may want to purchase this title because of its basic language and approach."

My other children's books are beginning readers:

Hey! You're Eating My Homework  (Bebop Books, 2005)

After making a birdfeeder as a school project, Ramon discovers that his creation attracts some unwanted attention.

Picnic on the Sidewalk  (Seedling Publications, 2003)

Grab some chalk and watch Catherine and Rico draw a sidewalk picnic.

Well, I was hoping to hear better news about the status of HUGGLE WUGGLE BEDTIME SNUGGLE, a picture book accepted by Rising Moon in 2006.  The book went on hold when Northland Publishing was sold. in 2007.  I was so thrilled with the vision of my editor, and the illustration sketches.  I will try to sell this manuscript elsewhere. I love it, and won't give up on this hilarious bedtime romp. Fingers crossed.