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Coming in spring 2019


Here's a sneak peak of my forthcoming picture book, BEEP! BEEP! SPECIAL DELIVERY.




I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that Beaming Books (formerly known as Sparkhouse Family) will publish PRECIOUS BABY as a board book in the spring of 2019 and HUGGLE WUGGLE, BEDTIME SNUGGLE as a board book in the fall of 2019. I'm delighted to work with this wonderful publishing house.

Ladybug Magazine editor, Kathleen Anderson selected my poem 'The Bedtime Boat' as her EDITOR PICK for November/December 2017. 

"We’re excited to present Della Ross Ferreri’s “The Bedtime Boat” in the November/December issue of LADYBUG. With irresistibly bouncy rhymes—“Jammies on. It’s time to float. / Hop aboard the bedtime boat!”—this decidedly un-sleepy poem invites children to take a ride through a dreamy Arctic landscape, beautifully imagined by artist Stephanie Dehennin." You can read "The Bedtime Boat" here:      http://bit.ly/2hujXxY "


Hi! I'm Della Ross Ferreri. I'm a children's book author and French teacher. Thank you so much for visiting my website! Here you'll find  information about me, my books, and my author programs. 


My Books

Precious Baby
(spring 2019 Beaming Books)


Beep! Beep!
Special Delivery

(spring 2019 Clear Fork Publishing)


Huggle Wuggle, Bedtime Snuggle  

( fall 2019 Beaming Books)

How Will I Ever Sleep in This Bed? (Sterling Publishing)


Hey! You're Eating My Homework        (Lee & Low)


Star of the Show

(Shenanigan Books)

Picnic on the Sidewalk
(Seedling Publications)

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